Friday, June 7, 2013

Cedar Point is a must during Ohio Bike Week

I always like checking out the fun things to do in cities that host motorcycle rallies. Here in Sandusky, Ohio, the host city for Ohio Bike, it is also is host to the Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world. I decided to come up early and check it out again.
  Their newest ride is The Gate Keeper and it is responsible for 7 more world records for the park. It is also a winged roller coaster in which you hang out to the side with you feet dangling.
This meant I had to ride Cedar Point first and what a ride it was. At the first drop of 164 feet as I was twirling ( also holds a record for the most twirls), I was having second thoughts.
The second thoughts were gone by the time it was over.
Next ride on my list is one I rode before but I still think it is the most thrilling and most unique ride ever, The Top Thrill Dragster-
For this ride, I had to take the front car.
And when it took off, I was all about it!
And I was still smiling at the end-
10 years ago, me and my brother rode Millennium Force.
It was just as good as I remembered.
It was worth coming up to Ohio Bike Week a day early and take advantage of one of the world's best amusement parks. Good to know I am never too old to have some fun!
Special thanks to Wil Born of Ridin' on Motorcycle Magazine for these great photos!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breaking a Guinness Book of World Record

  Everyone remembers the Dumb and Dumber scene where they ride a mini bike across the Midwest to Aspen. In the fictitious movie, it was roughly 500 miles that they rode and on a mini bike engine that had somewhere between 150- 200 cc's ( cubic centimeters). My idea will be to go almost triple that on 1/3 the cc's.
    This year I will be riding a 49cc Honda mini bike from Louisville, Kentucky to Sturgis South Dakota ( 1346 miles) where I plan on arriving at The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground on Thursday, August 1st.  This will shatter the old record of longest journey on a mini moto ( 50cc's or less) that was 445.26 miles. As they say, " go big or go home". I am going for it and when Sturgis is over who knows, I just may ride it to Aspen.......