Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bama Swap and Drag

Rick's Cycle and Violent Choppers put on the Bama Swap and Drags. The Bama Swap and Drags is put on twice a year- In the Spring and in the Fall. It is held at The Sand Mountain Dragway in Section, Alabama just off of Hwy 35. It is a very modest track with no frills but also no restrictions which makes for big fun. It is all about the fun and run what ya brung.
Who doesn't love to let it rip every now and again?

They also have one of the best old school swap meets around. At most swap meets, you have to get there early to find any good deals. Here there are great deals all day long. I talked to one guy that got a shovelhead motor for 400 dollars ( and that was with stock Harley cases!)
I did a book signing and took up a collection to help raise money for my Asia trip. I sold out of books and to top that off, Michael Lewis donated 100 bucks to further my travels abroad- That translates to over 20 million Vietnamese Dong! If you would like to donate also, you can just click here to donate
Cutting up with Michael Lewis, CEO of Violent Choppers with his lovely wife Jessica.

Got to see my old friend Stogie and afterwards even rode back to Tennessee with him before parting ways.
Vending next to the man himself, Ricke Lewis of Ricks Cycle Parts while Max Bowersox (who rode up from Charleston, SC) texts for some racing tips. Note the surf board in the back ground. Proof that you never know what you will find at the Bama Swap and Drags!
Mailman even rode up from Atlanta and scored a cool vintage coffin tank. He was also going to take pictures of the drags as you can see him not doing. Photo captured by RJ Alexander.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bean're 2014 Calendar

 Due to popular demand, the 2014 Bean're calendar is now here. This is a quality calendar made with premium card stock and not just flimsy paper. It also has Bean're-isms written on the pictures and includes dates of the bike rallies and other events that I will be attending.
  I've made these in limited numbers and they are to help me raise money for my motorcycle tour of Asia and the publishing of my next book. First come first serve till they run out. I can mail them to your address around Thanksgiving so that you should have them by the first week in Dec. I will cover the cost of Shipping ( to the US only).  To get a Bean're Calendar just click on the "calendar" button on my donation page.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A hand up NOT a hand out

When I started my donate page to help raise funds to do an Asia tour, I started it with a business plan. I wanted to use the adventure to write about in my second book. I want to write the story so that it feels like you are right there beside me taking it all in.  That is just part of my plan. The other part of my plan is that I am going to publish my second book on my own and not with a publisher.
   The only way to explain my first book's revenue is to talk numbers. I think a lot of people think that I am getting rich from my book but let me disclose a few figures. When Barnes and Noble sells my book or, my royalties are 96 cents. I get a royalty check for these and others distributors of my book every 6 months. My last royalty check was for 138 dollars. That was for 6 months. I make more when I sell my book myself so truth be told, I would rather have one way for the public to get my book- by shopping on my website
   Now this brings us to where I am today, asking for money. I am well on my way to making this a reality. I will be in Asia as I already pucrchased my plane ticket. I land in Vietnam on Dec 10th. The donations that I get will effect the legnth of my trip and the countries that I am able to visit. It will all be reflected in my book but also in this blog and on Facebook. Rest asured that there will be many many pictures on facebook and I am sure there will be some pictures that everyone will enjoy. I would love to take everyone with me but living vicariously through my on this trip is the next best thing.
   I am also trying to give my supporters something back immediately. I've always said that I couldn't do what I do without the support of my friends so everyone that donates anything will have their name in my book as a supporter. I'm calling these people "Team Bean're". Another thing that I am doing is to have a pre sales of my next book to all the donated 50 dollars or more. The minute that my  book is finished, I will mail out a signed copy to all that donated 50 or more. I am going to try and make a little homemade DVD of my try over in Asia for donors that gave 100 dollars but I thought that wasn't enough so I am working on a Bean're 2014 calendar to give out before I leave to all that donated 100 or more.
click here to donate now
    I am 1/3 of my way to my goal and I have a few more weeks so if you can, I ask you now to support this.  Everything collected it truly appreciated and will be used to propel this project. Thanks for all the support both in the past and now,
Your friend,
go fund me page

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why Vietnam?

   I recently announced that I will be flying to Vietnam on December 10. I love exploring the world and this is one country that I always wanted to go to for many different reasons. I've also wanted to tour as many countries in Asia as I could so it only seems like a natural starting point.
   This trip is going to be different though, even for me. There are many things that I am doing differently. I am not taking my bike as the expense is just too much ( 5000 one way). Instead, I will be buying a bike when I get there. It will be a small cc bike- something that the locals ride. I still plan to put a purple spray can paint job on it and some Bean're stickers and make it mine. I plan on spending about 3 months traveling across such countries as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myamar, Thailand, India, Tibet and Bangladesh just to name a few. I am doing it on a shoestring budget but it will still cost more then I have.
   I'm asking for support. This trip I am asking for help BEFORE I leave. It is just too big of an ordeal to do on my own and I really feel like the time to do it is now. I can't wait till I have enough money or that day may never come.  This trip isn't just a vacation. I will be writing about the entire adventure for my next book. I will be collecting footage for at least a home made DVD. I will also be taking lots of pictures, many of which will end up on Facebook for your enjoyment. As donors to this en-devour, I am offering back all these things.  Join Team Bean're and be with me in more then just spirit. There is no minimum or maximum although there are certain amounts that do have rewards. EVERYONE donating will get their name in my next book as official members of Team Bean're. Thanks for you support!!!