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Let's give a little back to the troops that are giving so much for us. 

   I served in the United States Marine Corp from 81-84 and I want to keep on serving. The way that I can do it now is by supporting the troops that are active duty. Whether they are serving in the Middle East or anywhere abroad or are here stateside, they all deserve our support. Join in by clicking the donation button on the bottom of the page!

    I remember getting books from the library such as Jack Kerouac's " On the Road" and a book of Charles Kuralt's travels though the back roads of America. These books I read were means to escape the everyday grind and plan on things I would do when I was discharged. My project is to lift the spirits of the troops and veterans. My book is filled with the freedom and Americana that the troops are fighting to protect. I hope that it reminds them as to what is waiting for them when they return so join in and let's get my book  "Bean're Motorcycle Nomad" to them.  Your donation will send books to USO libraries, veterans hospitals, nursing homes, and other places that support our troops worldwide. 

      Timothy Remus, publisher at Wolfgang Publications said " I said before that if anyone is truly free in this world it’s Bean’re. Let the books about freedom serve as thanks to the troops who’ve sacrificed so much of their own."  He agreed to sell me these books at cost and then he donated a case (30) of books to jump start this program.
  Long time supporter of veterans and the military, Rod Woodruff, owner of the Legendary Buffalo Chip also agreed and matched Timothy's commitment with yet another case of books taking this program off to an excellent start.

    The artist of my cover with his painting entitled "Iron Horse Heist", David Uhl, also agreed that this is a very worthy cause and wanted to contribute to so he is going to donate yet another case.              

   Spectro Oil saw that I was doing this and wanted to help out too so they bought a case which was sent out to The Marine Corps HQ Libraries for dismemberment. It isn't enough that their oil protects my motor from the high mileage that I ride but also they support the troops that protect our freedom. Thanks Spectro!

  These very generous donations will get the ball rolling but we still have a little way to go. Each branch of the military has their own libraries and in the Army alone there are 150. This does NOT include hospitals and rehab centers, places where a book of this nature could play a major part is raising morale.
  I will send these books at my cost with no profit what so ever and that will include the shipping. I also have to pay for all shipping as agreed but the US military. I will send the donated purchased books out to different military libraries and base locations for the troops and veterans to enjoy. You help by donating any amount that you would like if you want to join in. Those that donate a whole case will have their company logo added to the donated books. I will stamp a "donated by" mark on the inside cover for the reader to know who is making this possible.


 Every month I will provide an update on this page and tell everybody how many and where the books were sent. 
     In the event that there is any military personnel that does not have access to these services, they may contact me personally and their name will be put on a waiting list in the order that I receive them They must have a military ( base) address however.
Just send an email to and title it "books for troops". This service will also be free of charge compliments of all my supporting friends and family.
100% of the money goes to cover the publisher's cost and the shipping and nothing else. The PayPal donation keeps track of all donations and is available should anyone want to view them.

Just click here to donate whatever amount you can afford.   Paypal.

No, look. I do mind. The Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man.


  1. Very worthy cause and kuddos to the Bean for paying it forward!!!!!!!Every little bit helps peoples so let's help make it happen!!!!!

  2. Thank you Bean're, from the troops in Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan. And to the cicilian contractors many of whom are veterans serving here now.