Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Leesburg Bikefest

    Leesburg, Florida is located in the center of the state, not far from Orlando or Ocala. It is a sleepy little town that has been hosting Leesburg Bikefest for 20 years now. I was fortunate enough to have went to one of the first ones and now I got to see how much it had grown. It is a great place to see old friends and meet new ones.

   A couple of old friends that I got to camp with were Scooter Tramp Scotty and Pan Head Billy. They live on their motorcycles too but each has their own style that is unique to themselves. It seemed like we all spent the weekend comparing notes and trading stories. It was a good time for sure.
  Some other long time old friends was Charlie Ransom and the rest of the crew with The Wall of Death. They really work hard to take their wall around and entertain the masses all over for only 5 dollars a person. That is a bargain and if you haven't seen their show, catch the next one. Those of you that have, see it again as they have added some new faces and a few new tricks.
   While I am on the subject of good deals, I have to mention my friends at Progressive. They have a promotion to show motorcyclists that they go above and beyond for their customers so they have been coming to rallies like this one and offering a whole slew of free services. Free breakfasts and free secured parking are just a start.
   They have something called "Flo's Chop Shop" where they offer more personal services.
They have boot shines for everyone ( even if your boots aren't as long and pointy as mine)
They do manicures and if they can straighten out all the grease from uner my nails, I know they can work wonders with yours.
They also do mustache trims. They have full professionals doing all these services and I can tell you first hand. I tried trimming this beard and luckily, one of their professionals bailed me out and straightened out my mistakes before he realized how bad I had messed it up.
   Progressive stepped in and provided all these services for free to everyone that wished to partake. And as the hot Florida sun was heating things up, they gave out bottled ice water too. They do a great job and it is no wonder they have been in business since 1937. I am proud to be in partnership with them. Look for good things coming your way from both of us at the next motorcycle rally you attend!
    This post was written in partnership with Progressive Insurance. I have been compensated, but the thoughts and ideas are my own.