Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My two back to back world record attempts on a mini bike

I set out to break a Guinness World  record on  July 28th ( it was postponed a day due to mechanical problems). Within the first few hours I blew my 1965 NSU motor up.

I thought the problem was that I was riding a 2 stroke ( oil mixes with the gas). I threw the broken mini in the chase van and made a bee line to Anomosa, Iowa where my friends at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa were helping me locate another mini. Kody Wisner of Wisner Cycles was the connection made and another mini bike was purchased. It was a 1984 Honda Z50.
I started my second world record quest from Strawberry Point Iowa.
I ran the mini hard trying to really make good time. I ran it wide open thinking that the little Honda was bulletproof. I was only doing about 34mph. Here is a video of just how fast wide open looks-

I didn't think this would hurt it but it got very hot with in the first hour.  After letting it cool and making some adjustments, I slowed my speed down to between 20 and 25 mph  and even with a severely damaged motor, I made it 166.7 miles in less then 10 hours before the motor finally seized up. As much as I wanted to claim this title, I have to throw in the towel this year after exhausting much time and resources.
In hand sight, I realize that I was very hard on both mini's. Riding along on 2 Cannonballs you would think I would know that this wasn't a race- it is an endurance run yet I made a rookie mistake of wanting to do too much too fast.
I also want to thank ALL my sponsors and especially Kevin "Mailman" O'Brien for following me in a chase vehicle and all the help building and repairing my mini's

It may be over now but both mini's are very salvageable and I plan on returning next year with the knowlege and experience gained and capturing a world title-

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mini bike world record attempt update

As the time it is almost time to leave for Sturgis on my mini bike and attempt to break the Guinness World record for longest distance on a mini bike ( 1400+ miles), I just wanted to give an update and give so props out to all the help I had.
The destination is The Legendary Buffalo Chip where my longtime friend and sponsor, Rod Woodruff will be waiting with a masseuse and a hot tub.
Here is the video of the first time I got it started ( a week before I leave).

      First of all thanks to all my supporters  like Klock Werks, JIMS, Feuling, Progressive Suspension, HHI, Renegade Wheels, Rinehart Exhaust, Earth X batteries and Heaven Cycle in Miami. Being a two stroke I am lucky to have Spectro on board also to keep everything running smoothly too. Sabina with Unique-Designs-Upholstery is doing the custom crush velvet seat. Avon Tyres, the best tire on the market, unfortunately doesn't make a tire this small.
  I want to thank Big Will Ramsey with Faith Forgotten Choppers for making my custom intake since you cannot buy one for the 48 year old motor  (NSU Quick 50 made is 1963-65).

 My friends with Shadetree Racing in Lexington, KY  are re working the gas tank. Dozer is welding in a custom gas cap and Casanova is heading up the paint and body work.
Brandy is polishing my custom gas cap.
Kaelin's Custom Cycle and the help of Frank and Dee Dee that I could not do without.
my main man for this deal will be Kevin "Mailman" O'brien. He has always been there for me but really stepped up this time and will be following me ( at 35 mph) the entire 1400+ miles, 6 days trip to Sturgis. He also is making me a custom helmet to go with my super hero costume for this trip from his and Philip's company, Fu King helmets.

and lastly but most important is Mickey Eddinger. Mickey passed away last year after a 15 year battle with cancer but before he did he wanted to be involved as he loved racing and wanted me to have his personal van to keep up the racing tradition. Mailman will be driving this ( and hauling both our bikes) and this way Mickey is with us every inch of the way. We love you Mickey!