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      I've been traveling and having world class adventures for all my adult life. I have been sharing these adventures on social media and had developed a very large following. Many of my followers say they are living vicariously through me. Well, now I am offering a chance to travel with me and live some of those very adventures.

                         How this is different from other travel agencies and tour guides

  First off, every tour will be designed specifically for the client. There will be no other people in the tour unless the client wants to bring others. This will give me the ability to give one on one guidance and support. It will also allow me to change directions at the clients benefit without having to take others into consideration.

    My trips don't have itineraries. If you want that, take a cruise where they will tell you when to eat, sleep and get on and off the ship. This allows us to stay in the fun zone. We don't have to hurry off to the next leg because we have to be somewhere else next. We can work around any obstacle and most of the times, use adversity as a bonus.

   Having open schedules like this can sometimes backfire. We may end up struggling to find accommodations or many times, the accommodations could be viewed as sub-par. Again, I view this as part of the adventure and if it takes the client out of their comfort zone, I'm ok with that. In fact, I think getting the client out of their comfort zone is an important ingredient of a true adventure.

                              A few of my many adventures that I have taken

Traveling the length of The Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam
Following the complete coast of Tasmania
Hiking 4 days into the Alaska wild to spend the night at the famed Magic Bus (Into the Wild)
Exploring many back country roads and goat paths in Cambodia
Tour around Cape Breton and camp at the north tip at Meat Cove
Paddle with whales in kayaks on the Bay of Fundy
Ride Camels deep in The Australian Outback and visit Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Hot air balloon across Laos
Ride horses on a real cattle drive
Travel the length of the Alaska/Canada Highway
Do part (or all) of The Pan American Highway stretching from The Arctic to The Antarctic Oceans
Explore Cuba like a true local lives and not like the thousands of tourists that visit it.
Heli board (snowboarding out of a helicopter) in the mountains of Chile
And as always, if you have something else in mind,I encourage a completely new destination

                                                  The Adventure Mentor

     There are no set fees since every adventure is 100 % custom designed and will be priced accordingly. Time scheduling are booked first come, first served. I encourage that everyone reaches out to live their wildest dreams, even if they don't do it with me. We only get one life and never know what tomorrow brings. Do it today and you'll never regret it.
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