David Uhl's The Ironhorse Heist Painting

2012 is a great year.  My book was published and another great thing happened!  David Uhl created the coolest canvas of yours truly called The Ironhorse Heist. What an honor!!!  My book cover also features David's painting.  This fine artist is an ICON.  Check out what he said:

In David's words, "I saw The Bean're before I actually was introduced to him, and I remember thinking "WOW what a GREAT face for a painting someday!" "Bean're told me last year he was writing a book about his extensive travels and experiences around the world. I started dreaming up a concept that might reflect some of the novel situations that only the Bean could find himself in. I definitely wanted to portray this gypsy nomad from another time with some high drama and action. His signature top hat with the gaping Rattler head slung my timeline back a hundred years, and then it hit me. The old West, with the long tail coat gambler attire was perfect. An epic train robbery fit the bill, being chased by a posse with guns a blazin'. I then figured this would be a fine addition to my Sturgis collection as well as the whimsical book cover I was looking for. I am proud to present my 2012 Sturgis release " The Iron Horse Heist".

Bean're Claus sez: "Hey, these toys are for the kids."Special Holiday Promotion 2012 at www.uhlstudios.com  

Each year at this time, David offers the framed pieces from the gallery and shows throughout the year at tremendous prices.  The prints are in perfect condition, but some of the frames have a few scratches and dings.  For more information, please contact Greg Rhodes at 303-913-4840 or email him at greg@uhlstudios.com.  Happy Holidays!!!

Me, David Uhl (artist), Mike Wolfe
from American Pickers on History Channel
the debut of The Ironhorse Heist.  Thanks David!

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  1. Following your travels through Southeast Asia is great fun. All the best wishes for safe, smooth and happy trails ahead!