Thursday, October 11, 2018

More Friends supporting Share the Wind

    Recently some good friends made a donation to my Share the Wind program that enables young children to get their first taste of the wind. Gerlinde McCurry, Richard Restall and Matthew Obrien from Greasy Creek Farms had this ATC 70 Honda since purchased new in the mid 80s.  They haven't used it in years and decided to offer it to me to offer some rides at events like The Tennessee Motorcycles and Music.

   At The TMMR we offer clinics to increase riders skills on a small dirt track. The skill levels are from children's beginners to adult pros. We offer this free of charge. We also supply mini bikes, mini cycles and even some of our personal motorcycles. Now we even have this ATC 70 for the kids that are too young for 2 wheelers. In first gear, the speed is slow enough for them to buzz around the track safely as if they were on one of their electric ride on toys but they get to hear their motor roar like the big kids.
Here you see " Danger Dan" taking his 3 year old for a ride on the ATC. His boy thought he wasn't ready for his first solo ride so Dan sat on the back to add moral support.
 As soon as they started rolling, Dan stepped up and off and the little guy rode all the way around the circle track before he realized he was riding solo.
I can't thank enough, the people that help out and make the Mayor of Fun's job bigger and better every year. Thank You and I hope to see you around very soon!