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And I need to be able to depend on my motorcycle with I am taking it to extremes!
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I push the limits on the things that I ride- like riding a 50cc mini bike coast to coast. That is why I use Spectro Performance Oils. It is simply the best!
What I like about Feuling is they make a long list of parts that out perform stock parts and add to the life of your stock engine instead of shortening it. This is important to me as I need to put high mileage on my bike AND still be able to get out of town in a hurry if needed!

Located in Louisville, Ky, Kaelin's is your one stop shop for parts and accessories and custom work from mild to wild. Owner Frank Kaelin has spent his life working on bikes and also incorporates some of his experience a a crew chief for a race team. He knows just how to get the most out of a Harley motor AND keep it running for years to come. 
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Wheels that not only make a statement but are stronger and lighter the stock. 
Hawg Halters Inc not only makes quality products that perform better then stock but their designs are smooth to work perfectly for cleaning up the lines on your bike whether you are just adding on a few custom items or going for the full blown custom. I am running their front 23 inch fender and dual chrome from calibers.
JIMS has been doing business for 40 years. That is the kind of experience that i need backing me up-

Most of my miles are on the highway and I need a smooth ride-that is the easy part. When I leave the road and take my bagger through a river at the BMR or I hill climb it at Sturgis, I need a shock tough enough to take that abuse and STILL give a smooth ride when I return to the asphalt.

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My good friend Ron Harris with Chop Docs has been building some righteous rides and although there are a few builders who paint there own bikes, not too many have there own line of candy paints! Ron teamed up with me and He is going to use his talent and his line of paint to make me stand out in a crowd even more then I already do- not an easy task to do!

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Andrews has been making great parts for over 40 years. I used Andrews back in the early 80's when I used one of their high performance gear sets. I still remember the ease of shifting in my shovelhead and was amazed at the difference over stock. Now I will be using their cam gear conversion for my Twin Cam thus eliminating the Cam chains and all the problems that could arise from the tensioners. I'm even going to use one of their drive pulleys to keep my belt fresh and new.

Rinehart Racing makes some of the best exhuast sytems

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You have seen him at the rallies and you've seen him racing his custom Vincent in Bonneville during a Biker Buildoff but one thing is for sure, Matt Hotch is a bike builder extraordinaire!
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Ron Finch has been doing Custom bikes since the early 70's. He has been on Biker Buildoffs and just had a movie done about his life, " That's All You Get". His bikes are literally rolling works of art. You know it is Finch bike the minute you see one of his rides
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