Sunday, May 5, 2019

Rebuilding my Choppers Engine

     On the way to Mexico, my chopper's engine began spewing oil out the air breather. I added more oil but it rapidly got worse and almost immediately emptied the oil tank. I hauled my motorcycle back 400 miles to Accurate Engineering in Dothan Alabama where my good friend, Berry Wardlaw agreed to give me a hand. As we pulled the engine apart, I found the culprit was a hole in the piston caused by an intake leak and incorrect timing. What I wasn't expecting was to see how well everything was performing in my motor. With over 120,000 miles on many of the parts in my engine, everything was doing very well until the piston failure. All my Feuling products, high volume oil pump, cam plate, Reaper cams, adjustable pushrods and Bee Hive valve springs, all only showe3d signs of normal wear. Anyone that knows me, knows that I ride my motorcycle anything BUT normal. I have ridden thousands of miles on dirt and gravel roads. I even rode 1000+ mile up and back down the Dalton Highway AKA The Haul Road AKA The Ice Road Truckers Road. I have also drag raced it at Rockingham and at Sturgis Dragway on numerous occasions.
    I just wanted to do a video explaining what I have and why I use the components that I do. I'll be posting more as I continue riding my chopper and hope to add another 100,000 + miles on my bike.
Here are a list of the parts I use-

                                                                       S&S Cycle

                                                          Spectro Oils of America   

                                                            Darkhorse Crankworks