Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 1954 Olds tail light and fender

The very first part that I got for my new chopper was a 1954 Olds tail light that my good friend Dirty Dave gave me.. You may remember Dirty Dave for his Exile days when he was all over the TV screen for the Biker Buildoffs. Dave is still as crazy as ever but he has a heart of gold. I packed that tail light in my luggage and road back across the country from Los Angeles, to Daytona Bike Week  2012 before swinging by Faith Forgotten's shop (Facebook Fan Page)where I dropped it off and continued my jouney.

  Now a year later, I am in Daytona doing my thing and signing books to try to make a few bucks to buy some scooter parts. Frank Kaelin of Kaelin's Custom Cycle (Facebook Fan Page), received the KlockWerks (Facebook Fan Page) fender that they shipped to me and frenched in the tail light that Big Will had dropped off, ALL while I'm in Daytona. Man this is so cool to wake up and see these pictures sent to my phone this morning. I'll be heading home soon and continuing on with what I can do to help but as I have said so many hundreds of times before- I couldn't do what I do without the help of my friends! Thanks Dave, Frank, Big Will and my whole family at Klock Werks!!!!!!!


  1. That looks awesome.. I know that word gets used too much but it was the first thing I thought....

    1. Those were my exact words when I saw the pictures on my phone!