Wednesday, April 7, 2010

family and friends- they make me complete

Time are tough for sure and it getting hard to do what I do which is basically travel around and do what I want. I pick up a job here and there but can't stay in one place for long. Everywhere I go I have met some of the greatest people. That's what I enjoy the most. Life long memories and friendships that I have gathered through my travels.

Currently I an in Louisville which was where I grew up. I came up here to help some of my family work on a house. They got a bid and when I found out how much it was I said I would do it better and for less. That worked out well for me because I wanted to ride out to California and I didn't have the gas money. I really enjoy this job because it is a slate roofed steeple on an old historic house. I get to be creative and replicate what they did over 100 years ago. Its also a 3 story house so I get my adrenaline fix for the week.

An added bonus was I got to be home with all my family for Easter. I don't get to spend enough time with my family and the children grow up so fast. I forget how important everyone in my family is and they all play a major role in who I am. I am blessed to have them in my life.

As this week comes to an end I will be packing my bags and riding out to California. I'm not sure of the route, where I will be staying or for how long. I want to come back to Tenn by May 22nd for Cycle Source"s Big Mountain run, but other then that, I'm really not sure when I will come back. The more I think about the unknown of this trip the more excited I am about making it. I'll write and keep everyone posted. Until then, make sure you wave when I ride by.


  1. Be safe my friend. See you when you get back on this side of the states.

  2. If I don't see you before then I got those kick ass red shoes for ya!!! I'll bring them to the BMR unless you make it down this way for the Skunk River Rally.