Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cross country photos and commentary

I worked all week and on the last day I worked till noon then put on a new back tire and packed my bags and left KY for California at 2 pm. I rode almost 400 miles when I passed Big Creek Sucker Punch Sally and saw they were having a rock show in the parking lot. I pulled in to say hi and received a big welcome and Bug took this picture. I like that even after a really long day, I'm smiling but really its because I'm looking forward to the adventure that awaits down the road.
Having made it the next day to Amarillo Texas, I finished the day with a meal at the Big Texan. Every trucker that has ever driven across the US knows this place. I seldom pass it with out stopping. Its also about the midpoint across the US on I 40.

In New Mexico, I 40 runs parallel with route 66 and here on the Continental Divide is a great spot for a photo opportunity. I stopped here with my family years back and still have the photo. I also passed JW smoking here on the side of the road but didn't recognize him so I didn't stop. All good memories.

Being on a budget I was looking for a cheap place to crash for the night. Without having reservations though, places like this camper in AZ go fast so i kept riding till I made it to Phoenix.

I found this place on the side of the highway. The sign said it was the cheapest in Phoenix. It was 24.95. Then they gave me 5 dollars back for my key deposit. No extra charge for the chalk outline of the body on the heavily stained carpet.

I got to stop at the Hippie Killer party in California that Lisa Ballard helped put on. It was an awesome good time. This was just the parking lot. Nothing but the hippest cats around. I'm going to have to make it back next year for sure.

After just crossing the Grapevine from Los Angeles on I 5 north, it rained which turned to hail and fog and ice and snow. On the other side I came back into the valley where the weather was nice so I pulled over and contemplated where to go from here. The snow is behind me now and the sun is shining. Yea, My life sure is a precious gift and I'm not wasting another second waiting for life to go by. I'm back on the road and smiling still, big as ever!


  1. Love it and you! Thanks for the awesome run down of your trip. Be safe on the road, my friend!

  2. Love your attitude on life! Hope to see you on the road again someday soon!

  3. I stayed in a roach motel called "The Brer Rabbit Inn" down in the Deep South of Georgia one time. It was in the middle of nowhere with one of those sorta kinda working Neon lights. I slept off and on with the light on cause the roaches were everywhere if not.

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