Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First books to reach the Troops overseas

    I started a project to get my books into military libraries and into VA hospitals and rehab centers. My main goal was that troops could read about my adventures and remember what is waiting for them when they get back home to the states.
   It is my hope that it makes their day just a little better even if just for a moment. Maybe it will be just a happy distraction.
Whatever the case, some of our troops are being entertained by my book and although I am not Bob Hope, I am happy I can make some of our military smile and hope to continue the smiles with my Books for Troops program.


  1. One absolutely amazing awesome one of a kind, patriotic, free spirited, kind hearted and hilarious to boot wandering nomad biker!

  2. Totally awesome Bean're. I love the guy hanging upside down.... just your type of character. Let me know how I can help get the book to Hines VA and Manteno Vets Home here in Illinois. I think this is a great idea. Peace and Hugs, The BROAD www.hdbroad.com

  3. You rock us all. Semper fi, Bean. I hope a copy finds its way to my kid. If not, he can read my copy!! xo Great job!!