Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bama Swap and Drag

Rick's Cycle and Violent Choppers put on the Bama Swap and Drags. The Bama Swap and Drags is put on twice a year- In the Spring and in the Fall. It is held at The Sand Mountain Dragway in Section, Alabama just off of Hwy 35. It is a very modest track with no frills but also no restrictions which makes for big fun. It is all about the fun and run what ya brung.
Who doesn't love to let it rip every now and again?

They also have one of the best old school swap meets around. At most swap meets, you have to get there early to find any good deals. Here there are great deals all day long. I talked to one guy that got a shovelhead motor for 400 dollars ( and that was with stock Harley cases!)
I did a book signing and took up a collection to help raise money for my Asia trip. I sold out of books and to top that off, Michael Lewis donated 100 bucks to further my travels abroad- That translates to over 20 million Vietnamese Dong! If you would like to donate also, you can just click here to donate
Cutting up with Michael Lewis, CEO of Violent Choppers with his lovely wife Jessica.

Got to see my old friend Stogie and afterwards even rode back to Tennessee with him before parting ways.
Vending next to the man himself, Ricke Lewis of Ricks Cycle Parts while Max Bowersox (who rode up from Charleston, SC) texts for some racing tips. Note the surf board in the back ground. Proof that you never know what you will find at the Bama Swap and Drags!
Mailman even rode up from Atlanta and scored a cool vintage coffin tank. He was also going to take pictures of the drags as you can see him not doing. Photo captured by RJ Alexander.