Thursday, December 26, 2013

First day on the road in Vietnam

I was told to take highway 14 north because it is a great new highway and it is the best road. Getting out of the city of Ho Chi Minh proved to be difficult and then missing a turn, I almost went into Cambodia. When I finally got to 14,  I was expecting something entirely different.
Road construction is going on in many places with no flagmen or safety devices. You just figure it out as you go and try not to get hit.
Every now and then there is a sign which does no good unless you can read Vietnamese. The rules of the road is if your bike can fit through an opening, go for it just watch out for steam rollers.
Unfortunately other vehicles like trucks use this same philosophy and it can get pretty tight sometimes.
This may sound dangerous but then you have to add into the fact that I am riding with one hand while snapping these shots.
Even this bridge that I stopped for a photo opp rocked and swayed every time that a truck of other vehicle rode by.
And if this wasn't thrilling enough, I still managed to find a roller coaster with absolutely no safety bars or belts or any other concern for safety. On the up side, the lines were short.


  1. Bean're's the best at life on the road. Bike Week America will have exclusive Skype interviews from the Mayor of Fun.! will have updates, too

  2. Looks Like You are Movin On.. Stay Safe and Keep the Pictures Comin my Friend...