Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vietnam at first glance

I've been in Saigon, Vietnam for a week. The initial cultural shock luckily have wore off. It was very intimidating with the traffic and the language barrier and every corner I turned was like nothing I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot.

Staying in the city for this short length of time has given me a chance to enjoy the city and take it all in
Most of the people here have their lives centered around 2 wheels.
Here is a scooter " pegging" a 3 wheel bicycle that is carrying about 15 sheets of drywall ( that is enough weight to make most small pickup trucks squat.)
This bicycle is made for hauling one extra person, NOT over a half a ton
 There are many of these 3 wheeler work horses. I've even seen then with double forks for extra weight like hauling a truck load of steel re-bar for all the concrete construction projects going on.
Here is the double front forks of one of the heavy duty trikes.
They utilize even inch of space on their bikes too. Here he even has some room left on the front fender luggage rack.
It is one thing just to ride with these big loads but factor in the thick traffic with road etiquette that allows no stopping for intersecting and bikes coming at you from every angle and it can be intimidating for even the most seasoned rider from the States.
So now I have a bike like what they ride however I did a little bit of Yankee customizing just in case they couldn't tell where I was from. Now I'll explore on two wheels and see what else I can get into-


  1. I'm loving the pics and story. Looks like fun Bean're

  2. How many people can do what Bean're does? I enjoy hearing about his adventures and seeing his pictures and can't wait to read the next book. He just makes life more exciting for himself and others me! Thanks for sharing Bean're!

  3. Ride on my Friend and Keeo Posting. I Enjoy the Pictures and looks like you are Doin Well..