Monday, June 17, 2019

Visit Vietnam with Bean're

Who would like to go to Asia and have me there waiting for them at the airport and serve as their personal tour guide? Vietnam? Laos? Cambodia?
First off, every tour will be designed specifically for the client. There will be no other people in the tour unless the client wants to bring others. This will give me the ability to give one on one guidance and support. It will also allow me to change directions at the clients benefit without having to take others into consideration.  My trips don't have itineraries. If you want that, take a cruise where they will tell you when to eat, sleep and get on and off the ship. This allows us to stay in the fun zone. We don't have to hurry off to the next leg because we have to be somewhere else next. We can work around any obstacle and most of the times, use adversity as a bonus.

  Having open schedules like this can sometimes backfire. We may end up struggling to find accommodations or many times, the accommodations could be viewed as sub-par. Again, I view this as part of the adventure and if it takes the client out of their comfort zone, I'm ok with that. In fact, I think getting the client out of their comfort zone is an important ingredient of a true adventure.  
    I am going to go to Vietnam early to get situated and stay there the entire Winter. That way I can be there to pick clients up from Ho Chi Minh City airport and get the back to their hotel where they can relax. I will already have the bike of their choice waiting so we can take off in the next day or two and explore the back country of Vietnam. If they don't ride their own motorcycle, there are actual motorcycle chauffeurs that can travel with us. My route  can be The Ho Chi Minh Trail. It has far less traffic the the coast highway. It is also mainly mountains with lots of curves and goes through many small villages that rarely sees tourists. Most of the routes that I use are not heavily traveled by tourists and we can stop wherever the client wants and interact with the locals.
    I will dedicate my time there to the client that books the tour. They can bring extra people but there won't be others (strangers) so this allows us to do what the client wants 100% of the time instead of trying to please the group as a whole.
   My fees for this are fairly simple. I charge 500 a week for the first person which is my expenses. It is an additional 250 dollars a week for each person added to the tour. I think it is best if you handle all your own personal expenses so you can spend as much or as little on hotels, food, ect. This also gets you familiar with their currency and interacting with merchants. I will be there with you to help you along so no worries. If still this makes you uncomfortable, I would say give me 1000 a week for both of us and I will pay expenses. (Client is responsible for airfare and Visas).
    If you've read my book or seen my social media posts while I'm in Asia, you should know this is an amazing opportunity. You could easily pay a whole lot more for a tour and not get to experience anything even close to this. I can also arrange for any type of special circumstances needing including someone that doesn't want to go on a motorcycle at all.

     The first thing a person should do is book a time schedule what works for them. In between November 1st and February 29th. 2 weeks should be the minimum because there is a lot to see. Tours can be much longer than 2 weeks and then other countries can be added like Cambodia and Laos. The time slots are first come, first serve. 50% of MY fee down, holds your time slot.
Round trip airfares are cheaper if bought well in advance. I've seen them as low as 600 rt flying out of NY. A Visa will run you about 30- 50 dollars.

                                                Don't miss the boat!!!!


  1. I loved your book(s). I love your antics. I could never do what you do, but I will sure follow your journeys. 😁

  2. Sounds interesting Beaner. Let me think a while.

  3. You are doing it!!!! I knew you would!!!
    Soooooo wish I could take a trip over there!!
    Good Luck!!!

    To those that can do this. Do it!!!!
    Bean’re isn’t an great guy and very knowledgeable....and ALOT of FUN!!!

    It would definitely be one of your trips of a lifetime. One to create fond memories the will last forever!!! So DO IT!!!

    ✌️❤️ Always my friend!!!!