Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Just one day of Vietnam makes it worth the trip

As I headed north from Pleiku, the sights didn't disappoint but still they got even better.
This was my view in the morning from my hotel window. I knew by noon, I'd be in those mountains in the distance.
I rode through Kon Tim.
And was soon at the beginning of the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. This road has to be my favorite in all my travels.
The sights are incredible!
And even though The Ho Chi Mihn Trail is all paved, there's still plenty of detours to explore.
This had to be the sketchiest bridge I've ever been across! 
But this is where you really get to see the locals, far from where the tour busses go.
And after a little maintenance from a roadside shop, I'm ready for tomorrow. I really hope you get to experience this.


  1. Excellent photos and commentary!! Looking forward to more of your Vietnam travels along the Ho Chi Mihn trail!

  2. I see a freedom there from your travels.....warmth, friendly peoples, beautiful sights! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure. :3

  4. Living your best life that's great !
    Peace ~ Laurie Elizabeth ~

  5. Havin’ a blast as always!!! Beautiful!!! ✌️❤️

  6. great watching your adventures