Tuesday, December 18, 2012

step one- the frame

Frank Kaelin, Jay Wright and Craig helping get thinks started
                                        Building my million mile bike has begun. It started with a stock frame and from there, it really took a twisted turn- literally. With the help of Ron Finch, and a whole lot of friends, we got a great start on what is going to be my new ride- One that I plan on riding over the million mile mark for lifetime miles. The best part though is when I ride across that mark, I will be styling and profiling. I can't thank all my friends enough for all the help they are giving me.  Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.....
                                             Watch the video of the twisted frame taking life

      Even though this is so for over the edge, I think this is just the beginning. I have to thank Ron Finch and his wife Ruth for coming to my aide and getting this project rolling- Stay tuned for more!




  1. Fuckin' nuts man! It's goin' to be killer! "GTP"

  2. Rolling work of art! Good for you man...

  3. Gonna be killer! Hope to catch up with you next time you're at Finch's.

  4. there's a kinky in your frame! how cool!

  5. Any new updates on the frame?