Friday, April 19, 2013

just a few of the custom parts for my new bike

 Ron Finch helped me twist this insane frame and then Frank Kaelin put the neck back on the frame. there was a lot of welding and grinding involved. Due to changing the geometry of the back bone, the top motor mounts had to be changed too.

I decided on going with the old style center located top motor mount. I made these that are welded on the frame side by side but decided to have a little fun with them first. Do I look like the Pringle Man?

The voltage regulator also had to be relocated but since I'm not having all the radio and lights that a stock Ultra Tour Classic has, I opted for the old tried and true 32 amp volt pack that I can buy anywhere if it ever fails. I had to make a stand to mount it clearing the new frame twists.  This is what I came up with. I fabbed it up and welded it myself. It isn't the prettiest and it didn't actually MAKE the cover of Cycle Source but I proud of myself all the same.

My good fiends in New Brunswick, Canada, Paul Walsh with CPN Custom Designs and Donnie Dort with Dragon Powder Coating came up with this 1 of a kind derby cover for me last fall as a surprise when I showed up for the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, Nova Scotia. I had been riding an Evo then and now I was switching to a twin cam which runs a different style derby cover. Being the great friends that these two are, what you see is the brand new 5 bolt pattern derby cover that they just machined and then powder coated for me. They will mail it down to me this week. Those guys are the best!


  1. I can't wait to see that Scoot up and running! It's cool to see your taillight and all the other shit you guys are fabricating for the "Million Mile Bike"! Looks like the frame is going to be bullet proof and it's going to be a Show Stopper the way it's going to look. You should be feeling like a "Cool Dude in a Loose Mood" right about now! LOL!