Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Million Mile Bike is taking shape

I've been working on my bike for almost 3 months. It seems like a long time but considering what I started with- a totaled 2010 FLHTC, I think I'm doing just fine.
When I look back at this I realize how far I have came, it is hard to believe. I've had a lot of help and I would be no where close to where I am without the help from Frank Kaelin with Kaelins Custom Cycles keeping a watchful eye over me and helping me out every time I get in over my head which is often.
As my bike was taking shape, I walked into the shop and as I saw my bike inside the door. Noticing the Klock Werks sheetmetal and dash, I knew this was heading towards true custom status. I loved  the way the bike was taking shape and how soon, I would be riding not only a supper cool chopper but one even better then my old purple beast.
My bike even got a whole lot cooler when I installed my drop seat kit from Bagger Werx . Included in this kit was the cool side covers that you see. They are really going to look good with the purple candy over heavy metal flake.
Of course the custom Corbin seat that came with the drop seat kit just really put the icing on the cake. I'm ready to spend many hours burning up the freeways in that that saddle! Now, time to it all back apart and send everything up to Ron Harris at Chop Docs Chopper  in Michigan where he is going to apply his own brand of candy paints, Kandy King for that special purple that I am looking for. Stay tuned for more as I plan to have this finished this month but that includes building a complete power plant and drive train from scratch.


  1. I can't wait to see this super the book,wish i had more time in the day so i can get to spend longer on my sits an reads time.but very enjoyable thus far. you are the man and my winters here in RI would really suck if it were not for living vicariously thru you lol. Be safe.bob in RI.

  2. looking awesome Kevin, can't wait to ride the Cabot Trail with you and the new improved ride. What you started with looks kinda familiar, same color as mine.

  3. Looking good Bean're especially with what you started with. You will love the 103 CI for your Power Plant. It will give you all the power you need on your new build. I had a 2010 Street Glide and when I went to a 2012 with the 103 it was the difference between daylight and dark. I love the response i get when i twist the throttle and the mileage is still what I got out of my 96. Please keep posting new pics as they become available.