Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Building my custom 103 twin cam motor

Riding the kind of miles that I do on a motorcycle is a true test of durability. I also an known for riding across country only to pull my luggage off and enter it in some sort of hill climb, flat track race, drags ( on and off road) or some other abusive competition. For this reason, in the past I have kept with a somewhat stock Harley Davidson crate motor. But that was an Evo. Now I am going to run a Twin Cam.  I have let others learn for me on what works and what doesn't with a twin cam. First of all the cams run off of chains which have tensioners. In 2007 Harley redesigned the tensioners to last a little longer but still not near good enough for me. The easiest fix is a gear drive and get ride of the chains.
For this procedure, I choose Andrews gears. They have been making quality gear sets forever and the price was very reasonable.
Another improvement that I am doing is a Feuling oiling system that comes with new oil pimp, lifters and cam plate. It comes with a redesigned pump that moves more oil, more return oil scavenging and makes motors run cooler. All these benefits AND it even increases horsepower and torque.
Just look at difference in the stock cam plate and the Feuling High Flow cam plate. This is the only way to go.
 Another "fix" that I am doing to replacing the roller bearing in the cases with a Timken Bearing conversion kit that I got from JIMS. They make the complete kit so you can do it yourself. I like the idea of bike shops being able to do this work in house without out sourcing it to a machine shop some where else.
These are just a brief description of the main things that I am doing to the my new motor. For an in depth explanation the complete build, check out the two part ( 2 issue)Cycle Source Tech Tip on this engine build.  The first installment will be out in next months issue.

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