Monday, August 14, 2017

Part one, part two and part 3 of my hike out to The Magic Bus

   This is Part one of my footage I compiled of my self recorded trip I made to Alexander Supertramp's resting place, The Magic Bus I'm working on the second part of this video but till then I hope you enjoy watching this. At least your feet will stay a lot dryer than mine did.
This is the second part of the trip or day 2.
This is part three that includes a night at the bus and the two day hike back to my motorcycle that was left parked at the end of Stampede Trail.
The video below is the river crossing that basically took place in between these two videos.
  The river crossing over. It went bad but could have easily been much worse.


  1. Scary..thank the good lord you all made it safe.great video.

  2. What a great adventure for sure. Can't wait to see the rest of the time you all had. Sometimes there's not much to do but laugh at the situation, but I'm glad you are safe and had a great time.

  3. Your second video has moved me. A true little diddy from me to you: I was once on a hike with a friend many years ago. We sat under a bunch of redwoods and there was a tree trunk carved "God Lives, God Loves, & God Moves". We smoked our joint and laughed at the *moves* line. Suddenly, the wind came up and starting breaking branches on the trees surrounding us and they were starting to fall down on us. We started running down the hill. When we got down the hill we figured out the meaning of "God moves", and that is... we don't have too much to say about life... except to live it while we can and move along with it. You were just hit by all of those words carved in that tree when you arrived at the Bus. It is a soul blessing and you got it. Hence the tears. What a phenomenal experience you are having. Enjoy.

  4. Beaner could you could you tell me what the plaque said at the bottom of the bus door I couldn't make it out thanks. When you're not making people smile you certainly are making them add to their bucket list thank you for sharing your adventures 🐻

    1. It is a granite tombstone with his name and dates and the words " Happiness is best when shared"