Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The road to The Arctic Circle just got longer

   Always pushing to go further, I saved up my money for another Alaska adventure but this time I wanted to push the limits and make ut up past the Arctic Circle and up to The Arctic Ocean. Not just to get up there but to do it by motorcycle. And not just the enduro type adventure bikes, but on my chopper. It will be the better part a month endevour. Still, it can't be rushed.
  I also wanted to hit some National parks along the way. Yellowstone and Glacier National Park just to name a few. After riding through Yellowstone and making sure Old Faithful is still spewing up, I also carved my name in a 6 foot tall snow bank at one of the passes.
 I left the park at the wrong exit though. It was the most direct one for my route but I missed yet another great scenic byway- Beartooth Pass. So this morning I wake up, and decide to turn around, go back into Yellowstone and head east. In a couple of hours I'll be at the north east exit and the beginning of Beartooth Pass. It's adding another day to the trip but hey, good things can't be rushed!
I can't think of a better way to spend my Fourth of July. AMERICA! Oh yeah!


  1. Your life is always an amazement to me. You grab each day by the balls and shake it for all it's worth! Safe journeys as always. The BooKitty.....Two Ears UP!

  2. Nice meet you at Al's Oasis in SD... Good Luck on the trip

  3. This is an amazing post read! Hope you enjoyed your trips! Thanks for sharing with us.