Sunday, April 9, 2017

New chances to win!!!!!!!

  As the news stations in San Diego covered, our mini bike tour cam to an end at Waterfront Park in San Diego on Friday, April 7th, exactly 20 days after we began in Daytona Beach, Florida. I mission for awareness of ALD and support of The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation continues. The raffle for the great prizes will end soon but first let me tell you about another giveaway.
 Berry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering has decided to donate one pound of bacon ( thick or thin sliced) to the winner who can guess the amount of miles we did  added with the amount of flat tires we had. He also will generously donate 100 dollars to The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. I will match that as will my partner, Tim "Bacon" Ford, making a grand total of 300 dollars to the Foundation. All you have to do is guess how many miles we rode, and add the number of flat tires we had to that number. This contest is only going to last a couple of days so you better hurry. Like to win more? How about a David Uhl Print?
This print is our grand prize of our other raffle. It is a rare 6 out of 9 prints, signed and delivered to your address worth over 3500 dollars.
  Second prize is this awesome hand painted Biltwell helmet by legendary Iowa artist, Darren McKeag. It is so cool. I was suppose to wear this helmet for the entire ride but it was such a work of art, I just could not do it. It is brand new in mint condition. It truly is priceless!!!!
  Biltwell not only donated this helmet to be painted but they contributed to our expense account for
 this ride, donated generously to The Aidan Foundation and also will give some lucky winner a 500.00 dollar gift certificate 
for anything on their website
 Our other sponsor, Spectro Oils, which we ran in our mini bikes keeping them rolling the entire way coast to coast, helped with our expenses, donated to The Aidan Foundation and also are giveaway 8 different Spectro Oil and  Spectro bike shine packages for you
And if all this wasn't enough, how about a brand new set of Metzeler tires for your bike!!!!!!
To get in on a chance to win these great prizes, click on this website The Foundation has created here
All the money goes directly to the Foundation. This will be only for a few more days before we draw so DO NOT put off any longer. Don't miss out on these prizes and your chance to support a great cause while being a history making part of Team Bean're.

Here is what one San Diego news channel had to say about us.............

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