Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mini Bike World Record recap and Raffle Announcement

What a long strange trip it was. The estimated amount of miles we did right now is 2,678.4 miles. When we translate the GPS recorded miles, it should be higher.
   But the important reason we did this was to bring about awareness of ALD and to support The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation and their website .You can find out all about ALD at this link
We are having a raffle to raise money for this, in case you didn't know. The drawing is going to be next weekend LIVE on Facebook- The website -
will be open for merchandise and to take donations but please get your raffle tickets no later than Tuesday morning ( so do it NOW if you haven't already. The foundation is tranfering all the internet ticket sales onto actual ticket stubs and mailing them to me here in South Carolina where I will be drawing a winner LIVE on Facebook next weekend.. The grand prize is this rare  David Uhl print, #6 of 9 and yes, it is signed by David Uhl. If the winner would like, I will sign it too.

Another prize is this Biltwell helmet hand painted by Darren McKeag. It is really amazing!

Biltwell  also donated a  500 dollar gift certificate for some lucky winner!
Not to be outdone, Spectro Oils prize packages will go to eight lucky winners!
Metzeler Tires is going to give a set of motorcycle tires to a lucky winner too.

 So tune into my Facebook page here next weekend for the LIVE broadcast of the winners of these great prizes and more.
And if you don't have your raffle tickets, get there NOW, right here at this link-       

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