Saturday, April 1, 2017

Over the Hump

Yesterday was a test of endurance. It is hard to say " I think I can, I think I can"  when you really think you can't. Just getting across the dessert with about a 40mph constant side wind blowing made it seem impossible. Just look at the flag on my bike blowing.
 But we didn't do it alone. twice we had friends ride hundreds of miles to come out and help us along. Thanks guys and girls. Semper fi

      Now here is the bad news. I've been trying to deal with it for two days now. Keeping records for Guinness to verify this is a never ending task. I had been using a GPS tracking device to document this trip and somehow, while working on the bikes on the side of the road, it got lost. To make matters worse, I hadn't downloaded the date for a couple days so now I have a "hole" in the documentation. Not sure what Guinness will say but I know I rode every mile of this trip and I'm not about to stop now. I'm now using a mobile app on my phone. It seems to be working.
But let's not forget the most import reason I am doing this- to raise awareness of ALD and support The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. So as it is 23 degrees and snowing out, we'll continue on and I hope to take the time to click on the above website.

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