Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rode across the desert on a horse with no name

   We started our ride across the desert floor today but don't let me get ahead of myself.
After crossing into Arizona, me and Tim did another 180 mile day even though we were still over 7000 feet in the mountains and were well below 32 degrees most of the day. Here is a crazy video of how cold we were!
We made it to Payson where Pinky and Long Jon welcomed us with open arms. They also had a great fundraiser planned for us on Sunday.
A big thank you to everyone that showed up and helped make it a success. Another thanks to the businesses that helped- The Spur in Star Valley and The Buffalo Bar and Grill and Printing by George that helped with my printing needs on a last minute notice.
 Even the best dog in the world showed up!
But Monday came and it was time for us to ride. We hugged Pinky and Long Jon and hit the highway.
We were out of the mountains but still had some pretty big hills coming down into Phoenix.
We raced a train then raced the sundown to make it to Wickenburg for the night. It was just a taste of the desert and tomorrow we push to Yuma and if all goes right, we may head south of the border for awhile.......
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