Friday, March 31, 2017

New Mexico mountains begin

New Mexico is beautiful country. It is also mountainous. These little 50cc mini bike sure don't like them. We should have brought extra sprockets to change the gearing too but then that have meant even more weight to carry.
When we took this picture in the morning, we could see the snow covered mountain tops. Later that day we were riding in those very same mountain range. We could have stopped at Ruidoso and went snow boarding. We kept riding though as these mountains make it hard to do high mileage day even without stops.
Riding through Roswell, there was very little mention of aliens. They still have an alien museum but we couldn't stop there. Instead we stopped at Motion Performance and visited Darvin Crone. He is a long time flat tracker that loves everything two wheeled. He helped us out with out flat issue and had a set of heavy duty tires. He even made sure that Tim's was put on in the right direction but I did my own so until I have another flat, the tread pattern will just have to run backwards. I'm really over fixing flats and changing tires. 
Today I'm not asking for donations. Just go in this website and find out what ALD is and how something as simple as signing a petition can help make the world a better place. 


  1. call it "Flats For Jack" tour...

  2. Where you headed in AZ this weekend, would love to come out and show support!!