Sunday, March 26, 2017

A day early in Dallas Texas, and half way across America

Getting into Dallas we were so early that we decided to brave the traffic and ride straight into the heart of Dallas. The option would have been to get a hotel outside of town and have someone pick us up then to return to the hotel and contunue on from there. Dallas is a big town and like most cities, people driving are in a hurry. We just rode through it all and mad the best of it.
Attracting attention wherever we go, we also get a lot of attention from the local law enforcement. Here we got a thumbs up and he will be following on the website and supporting our cause. That sure beats being tasered!

Our main reason for coming to Dallas was to have a fundraiser at Rock Fairless' Strokers Ice House. It gets a lot of traffic on Sunday so we rushed to be here on a Sunday. If you are around please come out and support us. If you cannot make it, PLEASE support our cause. All the money raised, 100%, goes dirrectly to The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. And it isn't just donations. You get chances to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes like a rare David Uhl signed print, #6 of 9.
                                                              Support here !!!!!!!!
Plus the more raffle tickets you buy, you can get other free stuff like stickers, patches and even out limited Aidan minibike tour tee shirts.
                                         Raffle tickets here!!!!!!
Click this link to get in on this today. We are running out of time. The drawings will be when we finish this mini bike ride.
                                                    Donate here !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. SOOOO glad you all hung out with Rick at Stokers!!! I love that place!!! FYI, fixing to purchase my tickets, but why not have woman's tanks ??

  2. It was great to see you today! Hey you and any of your friends are welcome to stay at my house anytime your in town!