Friday, March 24, 2017

Riding across the El Camino Corridor

I had never ever heard of the El Camino Corridor. It is probably because I usually always ride the interstates to make time. Mini bikes are funny that way, no matter how much you want to make time, they keep you going slow, like it or not.
Riding across Louisiana even on a mini bike brings so many flash backs from the movie Easy Rider. I even have the soundtrack playing in my head.
  The next blog will be bigger. I got a lot to do. Both our frames started bending due to the weight of us and our luggage. There are severe storm warning for today. We were up late with a fundraiser last night and lastly, we are both hurting from pushing it so hard. Now is a goot time to you to log on and support The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation- CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!