Monday, March 27, 2017

Rick Fairless' Strokers Ice House

Rick Fairless is the best guy ever. He is constantly giving back in everything he does. He has his hands full with enough to keep 10 men busy yet he always makes time for everyone and all good causes. He is an inspiration to me.
His restaurants ( he now also has The Big State Fountain Grill in Irving) serves some great food including this world famous fried bologna sandwich. Just like when I was a kid and made with just as much love as my mom put in it. If you are ever in Dallas, you gotta stop in and see Rick and his crew!

Dallas is a BIG city but then everything is bigger in Texas.
It still has the small time charm though.

Everyone was very friendly to us and welcomed us with open arms and no pepper spray.
    Now it is time to get back on the road and head west. Guess what I woke up to? Another flat tire. I had Rick's professionals look unto my problem and they found yet another microscopic metal wire poking through the tire. All i can figure us that they are remnants of the steel belts from shredded tires on the shoulders of the highways that we have to ride through.
and don't forget why we are doing this for-

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