Thursday, March 23, 2017

Setting goals and smashing them!

 When I first started planning this trip, the dates for the fundraisers started becoming a problem. They put us on a time schedule and didn't leave a lot of room for error. I committed to needing to run back to back 200 mile days to make it work. The problem was, on my last record breaking mini bike ride, our best day ever was 187 and that was with 3 support vehicles. After ending our first day from Daytona at 200 miles, I knew this trip was going to have some personal records. The whole flat thing was even a record since I've never even had a flat on my last ride. We're up to 6 total flats now. We have it down to a science though and only lose about 15 minutes.
   Pushing the limits and setting records also means you have to take chances. Not stopping for gas at every opportunity is one way to save time. I ran out of gas when I was wrong about how for the next gas station was. I was only off by a couple of miles but fortunately this farmer helped us out big time.
  We even took some extra time to get some pictures at his farm and Tim shot a video.
At one gas stop, we met some people that believed in our cause so much that they gave us free gas and free lunch. When it was time to leave, I discovered I had a flat so I fixed it there and used their shade and air compressor.. Thanks James and Karen at MDI ( and your daughter too).
     When we crossed the state line from Alabama into Mississippi, there was a sign that said Natchez 197, I thought there was no way we could get all the way across the state to the Louisiana border town Of Natchez. We had already ridden over 50 miles and it was now and the day was getting long. We started the day though before the sun had came up. Like the Cannonballers, the minute daylight peaked, we were rolling.

As the day went on, Me and Time really go into the groove. We kept going after every gas stop ( about every 2 hours) about a 5 minute break or less. By the end of the day, Even when we saw some friends at a stop, it was only long enough to give out stickers, take a selfie and roll on down the highway.
When I'm rolling, I try not to count the miles. It is a trick I learned young when wheelbarrowing concrete at a construction site. NEVER count the wheelbarrows. I told Tim this every time he asked how far I though we went. Never count the wheelbarrows. Towards the end of the ride, I did start trying to figure out the mileage. I knew it was a good day. It felt surreal. 220 or 240 I though. When we checked our the map at our hotel, we high fived to an unbelievable amount- 265 miles!!!!!!
Now please take a moment to click on this link and help make this a record breaker too. You may just win some amazing prizes too!!!


  1. It was so nice to meet you guys, glad you had a good day and put in some extra miles, too!!! Praying for your safety and that you both complete your mission. Take care,
    James, Karen & Our Daughter Angela

  2. Glad to have met y'all!! Who'd a thought y'all would be rolling thru Brookhaven Mississippi?! Wish I would have paid attention to your route beforehand I would have handed y'all off a couple of Bacon and Tomato sandwiches! Safe travels���� Prayers for y'all both and the Aiden Jack Foundation✌��
    Kim in Mississippi