Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Party in Dothan then back on the road

  We had a great recpeption in Dothan. Berry and the crew at Accurate Engineering had everything waiting for us. All the BBQ we could eat, lots of photo opps and even got the bikes a full servicing. Plenty of fun and we even raised about 600 dollars for The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation.


We may have had a little too much fun because we didn't take off till about noon the next day. We tried to make up time but had yet another flat. This time it was Tim's rear tire. We are getting better at this for sure. In 15 minutes, we were back on the road.
   Some people are wondering about the flats. We have had 4 already. That is a lot but because our speed is only 29mph ( sometimes 31 when we ride with the wind) and the highways we are on are 55 and 65mph, we have to ride on the shoulder or even the emergency lane at times. This is by far the safest but it is also where all the road debris lies. We picked up 2 nails and even some kind of wire. The third flat was my mistake. We left with no tools hopping for good luck. On the first flat, we bought some screw drivers at a gas station to fix the flats. I pinched the tube with them and had a flat a few miles down the road. I got tire spoons now.
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Special thanks to James Champion in Dothan for these great pictures!