Saturday, March 25, 2017

We're doing it!!!!!!

This whole trip I have been setting goals and knocking them down. Despite any adversity like flat tires and broken frames, the time table stays intact. I can't believe it. I just keep having Marine Corps training flashing backs and when things look tough, I try harder. Ask Tim. I've barked so many orders at him, he probably feels like he is in boot camp. But at the end of the day, we are high fiving because neither of us though we would get this far, this fast. We are 100 miles outside of Dallas Texas 2 days early. We have ridden over 1200 miles in just 6 days. I still can't believe it.
   I couldn't be doing this alone though. Not even close. This fine group of Motor Maids helped us out tremendously. Not only did they organise a fundraiser and rest stop in Minden, Louisiana but also got us immediate access to a fab shop and welder, and when we left and broke down, came to our rescue again bringing the needed tools and other items to McGiver a fix. A big thanks to Juicy, Miriam, Kathy and Therese.
They even took us out to taste some Louisiana cuisine complete with crawfish, catfish, jambalaya, and etouffee. yummmmm!

 As to what happened to our frames, due to the weight of us as opposed to a child, combined with is sitting so far back on the rear of the fender, the frame was never designed for that. Then we welded luggage racks behind us and are carrying all our stuff, proved to be too much. We had to first bend it back up which we did with me standing on the tank portion of the mini bike while Tim lifted the bike and then I jumped up and down repeatedly. I strengthened the frame by welding a piece of angle iron onto it. It's primitive and my welds do look pretty but it is getting us down the road. The first day we left with this fix, we hadn't gotton 10 miles down the road when the back of my bike dropped at full speed. I though my welds gave out but instead it was my shock ( and it only has one) broke. The red heavy duty spring that I installed, wasn't screwed down all the way. I took a tie down strap to compress the spring, revealing more threads andf was able to screw the top back on and re-install it.

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