Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Mexico and the New World Record!

We finally made it out of Texas. It was a tough exit to say the least. Plenty of flats, 3 days of terrible storms complete with high winds, hail and tornado warnings. Now here we are in Tatum, New Mexico. And the best news yet- We are now well over 1500 miles meaning we have now ridden longer than anyone else on a 50cc mini bike. Now we will continue to add on the miles to ensure that the next guy that wants to do what we did, will have to turn around and go back once they do coast to coast. I sure wouldn't want to do that.
Texas sure wasn't easy. We even had to take a detour across this guys ranch when our back road ended even though Google said it went through. It was a mud trail thanks to all the rain but we didn't want to turn back.
                 And when they say "Don't mess with Texas" you can bet they mean it!
  Riding through the storms, there was a double rainbow. When I tried to catch it with a picture it disappeared that fast.
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