Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tim's revenge

We had't gotten 3 miles down the road when Tim had his first flat. We were by an auto parts store so I bought a foot pump for air and some green slime that keeps holes from flattening tires , so they say.
An hour later, another flat

in total he had 4 flat tires. The last one is here at I motel. I'm waiting for a bike shop to open in Graham Texas to buy several more inner tubes. I did come to the realization as to maybe why I didn't have any flats on my first world record ride. I ran a rear knobby tire. That puts a lot of ribber between the road and the tube. If the shop has one or two, I will try it. This is getting old.
Some of the locals watch me work my magic on the tires. They acted like they've never seen a couple of Blues Brothers on mini bikes before.
So we'll keep fixing flats but hope you'll support our cause and buy some raffle tickets

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